How It Works

We help treat the problem, not just the symptoms.

Our Stand Upright Orthotics work instantly to correct the misalignment.

You may find though that your body will take a little while to adjust to your new position and for the orthotics to mould to your feet.

For this reason we recommend “wearing them in”   

  • One hour a day for the first week
  • Two hours a day for the second week
  • Three hours a day for the third week
  • Four hours a day for the fourth week

Your Orthotics will now be customised to your feet and your body adapted to it’s correct positioning.

Combined Modalities

We combine multiple holistic medical disciplines for the best results possible. Being solely focused on providing products that produce better overall health, we have combined the methodologies and wisdom from various medical disciplines to design our product. This works to integrate a holistic and proven approach to your alignment problems. 

Our Essential Minerals

The main function of our orthotics is to realign and restructure your feet. However, to achieve the best results possible while using our product, we have designed them to contain essential rare minerals to further help your body’s functions throughout the healing process.

Our Mineral Enhanced Orthotics

Over 90% of Australians have misaligned feet… At the bottom of our feet, we all have a tendon called the plantar fascia. Every time we take a step, our body weight places tension on this tendon, which often causes our feet to pull to one side rather than keeping its natural straight alignment. 

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