We combine multiple holistic medical disciplines for the best results possible.

Being solely focused on providing products that produce better overall health, we have combined the methodologies and wisdom from various medical disciplines to design our product. This works to integrate a holistic and proven approach to your alignment problems. The modalities/disciplines that we combine to produce our orthotics are as follows:


Podiatry is the medical discipline concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of the foot. As orthotics primarily treat the foot, working to massage the plantar fascia and align your feet and subsequently your entire body, our team continually uses the discipline of podiatry as one of its pillars to produce our mineral enhanced orthotics.


Flexible and efficient body biomechanics are central to good health. As our orthotics realign the structure of the body, we use kinesiology to design them in a way that improves our customers’ posture and ultimately, their movement.


Through massage and the application of pressure to specific parts of the ears, hands, or feet, reflexology serves to free your healing energy to flow throughout your body. By using reflexology to locate these points in the feet, our orthotics massage these locations, releasing pressure from them to better supply energy to various organs and muscles.

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