Aiding the realignment process, nourishing and cleansing your vital organs, improving their function.

The main function of our orthotics is to realign and restructure your feet. However, to achieve the best results possible while using our product, we have designed them to contain essential rare minerals to further help your body’s functions throughout the healing process.

These minerals have been selected because of their proven effectiveness. When wearing the orthotics, the active mineral enhancement is noticed instantly through your increased strength and balance. No other orthotic can offer this.

How Mineral Enhanced Orthotics Help

Our essential minerals help sustain and cleanse the body throughout and beyond the orthotic restructuring and healing process. More specifically, our mineral enhanced orthotics work to:

  • Cleanse major organs – Including heart, lungs, liver, spleen, gall bladder, kidney and large and small intestines.
  • Control the vascular system.
  • Control sweating and odour.
  • Supplement and strengthen bones, muscles and skin.
  • Stimulate the nervous system
  • Stimulate all of the functions of the human body

Other non-tangible benefits include clarity of mental and emotional functions. All of our minerals are straight from nature, and are made to nourish you to your best health. Give your body the treatment it deserves through wearing our mineral enhanced orthotics.

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